Autographs/selfies (if the guest offers selfies) can be purchased at each guest booth on the day of the convention. You can only pay cash!
We may presell autographs for certain guests. If this is the case, we will announce this in advance.
We do not know the prices for autographs/selfies and therefore cannot publish these prices. Prices will be displayed at each guest booth on the day.
Per autograph one item will be signed. If you would like to have more items signed, you need to purchase additional autographs.

An ATM is located in the "Trompete" - the area between Hall 20 and Hall 21.


For security reasons all bags and jackets will be checked for restricted items at the main entrance and body checks will be conducted by security staff. In order to keep waiting times as short as possible, we ask you to bring only the bare essentials, and that you adhere to the following bag regulations and to follow the instructions of the security staff.

The following bag and backpack regulations apply:
- trolley bags, suitcases and/or duffle bags of any kind or size are not permitted.
- non-transparent backpacks/drawstring bags/gym bags/day bags of any kind or size are not permitted.
- non-transparent handbags, totes and messenger bags may not exceed 40cm x 30cm.
- backpacks/drawstring bags/gym bags/day bags must be transparent.

Exceptions of the regulation:
- diaper & medical equipment bags

Your jackets/coats may be dropped off in the wardrobe area for a fee (wardrobe space is limited).


Children of all ages are welcome at Walker Stalker.
The whole area of the Messe Berlin is easily accessible for buggies. Please note that there will be a lot of visitors during the weekend and that the use of a buggy may be difficult in certain areas of the convention. We advise to use a baby sling (depends on the age of the child).
Furthermore, the queues for autographs/photo ops are narrow and s-shaped, which means these areas will be difficult or impossible to access with a buggy.
There is a quiet room, which can be used for breast-feeding; other food and drinks are not allowed in the room. The quiet room is not a play room for children! All attendees in the quiet room are expected to be considerate of others and to keep noise to a minimum. 

All Cosplayers are welcome!
Please note:
- Real weapons of any kind are expressly forbidden on the premises. This includes all firearms including airsoft guns. No fake guns of any kind and design will be allowed inside the venue. All other weapons have to be made out of plastic, foam or resin. crossbows/bows must be unstrung.
- Whether you are a member of the general public or a member of the cosplay community, please remember that “Cosplay Is Not Consent,” If you want to take a picture/selfie with a cosplayer, ASK!
- We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to: stalking, intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault, battery, harassing or unwanted photography or recording, continuous disruption of panels or other events, bathroom policing, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome physical attention.


The Messe Berlin is barrier-free.
Our Disability & Accessibility-Service-Team is there to help anybody with physical or mental restrictions. The Disability & Accessibility-Service-Team has a booth in the Will Call area. For detailed information regarding our disability service please just send us an e-mail: info(at)walkerstarkercon.de


Food & Drinks are available at different booths throughout the Convention Area.
However, you may bring your own drinks (PET/Tetrapak only) as well as food/snacks

Please note, the following is not allowed:
- alcohol
- glas (bottles or containers, except baby food and medicine)
- cans
- bottles may not exceed 1,0 Liter

It is not permitted to bring the following into the convention area:
- glas
- selfie sticks
- fireworks, laserpointer, gas horns
- weapons, knives, spray cans
- umbrellas, flagpoles
- backpacks & bags, which do not match our regulations
- rivets belts, chains, wallet chains
- inline skates, roller skates, skateboards or similar
- bikes
- helmets
- animals (exception: official service animals)


Above all, Walker Stalker Con Germany should be fun!
Explore the convention, the vendor and artist booths, meet up with old acquaintances, make new friends or do silly poses at photo ops or with cosplayers.
We really would like to see that you have a good time at the event. Nevertheless, please never forget to show respect for your fellow attendees, star guests and members of staff.
We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment of any kind that includes but is not limited to:
- harassing & stalking
- intimidation, physical assault & battery
- offensive verbal comments
- unwanted photography or recording
- disruption of panels or other event actions
- bathroom policing
- inappropriate physical contact or attention
- and similar
We reserve the right to remove any person from the event at any time, if the rules are ignored.
Also, please make sure to interact with others politely when commenting on any of our Facebook pages.

It is not a problem at all to present a small gift/letter or similar to your celebrity guest at the guests autograph booth. However, it is not possible to present small gifts or letters durring your photo op. Please do this exclusively at the guests stand.


All important preliminary information on Walker Stalker Con can be found on our website http://walkerstalkercon.de/ under INFO/FAQ and PHOTO OP/FAQ.
All letters of our HOW TO WALKER STALKER A-Z, which have been published so far, will also be added to our website in the next few days. PHOTO OP schedules and details for the panel stage will be published on our website under PHOTO OP/SCHEDULE a few weeks before the convention.
You will also receive all important information (e.g. panel stage schedule, site plan of vendors, artists and celebrity booths, etc.) in a small booklet, at Will Call.


To make sure that all attendees can understand what is being said during the panels, German subtitles will be shown on the video screens on the left and right side of the stage.
The foreign language should not stop you from asking the celebrity guest questions. The moderators at the panels speak German and English fluently and will be happy to translate your question for you.
All panels will be simultaneously translated from the English language into German sign language by sign language interpreters.
If you have any problems communicating with the celebrity guests at the autograph booths, our volunteers will gladly help you.


The clock is ticking and while packing your bag for the convention, you suddenly ask yourself "what should I take?"
We have put together a short list with the most necessary items you should not forget to bring with you:
- entry tickets
- printed photo op tickets
- photo ID
- powerbank
- cash
- debit card
- comfortable shoes
- folder for your autographs/photo ops
- item you would like to be signed (the star guests also have photos available to be signed at their booths)
- props for your photo op (Lucille and similar. - Please remember to check what is allowed to bring to the convention)
- blister plasters
And do not forget under any circumstances: good mood and a lot of patience!


Panels are moderated stage sessions (approx. 30 - 45 minutes long) with different celebrity guests. What happens during these panels? Everything is possible: information about the TV show, stories about life on set, or even completely unexpected topics.
It is also your chance to ask your favourite celebrity guest a question that you have always wanted to know the answer to.
Over the course of the weekend different panels will be offered. There will never be two panels at the same time.
The stage schedule and panel guests can be found approx. a week before Walker Stalker Con on our website http://walkerstalkercon.de/zeitplaene.
Panels are translated simultaneously from English language to German sign language. In addition, we support attendees who do not understand English very well by providing them German subtitles on the screens next to the stage.
We kindly ask you to follow the regulations and instructions of our local staff regarding taking pictures and filming during the panels.
For more information(photo ops/tickets/faqs go to:

You are welcome to bring your own photo/video cameras to take pictures or short videos. Also, SLR cameras are not a problem, as long as the lense does not exceed a focal length of 300mm and does not require a tripod.
Taking pictures/filming is not or only partially possible in some areas. Please pay attention to any signs and instructions from the staff, security or the host of a panel if you are asked not to take pictures/film in certain areas and/or panels.
If you are unsure whether taking pictures/filming is allowed, just ask a local staff member. You would like a photo/short video of you getting your autograph? Please ask the staff at the guests booth if this is would be ok. Each guest handles this differently.
In general, it is not allowed to take pictures/film in the direct area in front of the photo op room or inside the photo op room.


Do you still have questions about Walker Stalker Con Germany which we have not answered yet? You have read the HOW TO WALKER STALKER A-Z, our FAQ at http://walkerstalkercon.de/faq
and the Photo Op FAQ http://walkerstalkercon.de/faq-photo-op
but you could not find the answer there? Send us an e-mail to info(at)walkerstalkercon.de

For some questions we are able to provide the answer right here:
1) When will you announce the next celebrity guests?
Once we know, you will be the first to find out about it.
2) Why is a certain celebrity guest not attending Walker Stalker Con Germany?
Private or professional commitments, which do not allow him/her to attend our convention
3) What are the costs for autographs or selfies?
We do not know the prices yet and will not know them until the weekend of the convention.
4) Can I buy a selfie with Norman Reedus or Jeffrey Dean Morgan?
No, both do not offer selfies.


All panels are simultaneously translated by sign language interpreters. When there are no panels, our sign language interpreters have limited availability to assist at celebrity guest autograph booths. If you require the assistance of a sign language interpreters, please check with our Disability & Accessibility Team on site.

Here is some information for you to keep your waiting times as short as possible.
All attendees have to go to the Will Call area. Really, all ticket holders (General admission, VIP, Gold, Platin - regardless of color tickets or online tickets)!
Admission and photo op tickets must be printed out in DIN A4 (it does not matter if you print your ticket in color or black & white) to avoid scanning issues and time delays at Will Call. It is important that the bar code is not bent and readable.
After your ticket has been scanned you will receive your wristband/convention pass (day tickets will only receive a wristband) with which you can enter the convention halls. The convention pass is only valid in combination with the wristband (must be worn around your wrist!).
The pick up stations are structured according to ticket levels (General admission, VIP, Gold, Platinum) and you have to line up accordingly. Do not worry, there will be signs and if you are not sure about your line, you can ask a local staff member for help.
After picking up your wristband/convention pass, you have to go to the photo op sales counter to exchange your purchased photo op tickets into the actual photo op voucher. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to buy more photo ops (if not sold out) at the photo op sales counter.
On Friday the photo op sales counter will be located in the Will Call area. On Saturday and Sunday the photo op sales counter will be located in Hall 20.
Photo op online sale ends on Monday, March 18th, 2019. After that you can only purchase photo ops at the convention.
Tickets for autographs/selfies will be sold directly at the celebrity guest booths and can therefore only purchased on Saturday or Sunday at the convention.  


We have a wide range of vendor and artist booths from Germany and abroad in Berlin. Our friends from E.M.P., Asmodee and Tanja & The Fox - Fantastic Photo Points will also have a booth as well as Scott Spillman and Geekster Inc. with their tattoo area.

We can hardly imagine a Walker Stalker Con without our precious volunteers. They support our local organization team and therefore they are an important part of our event. In return, they will have to work long shifts ;-), will get a look behind the scenes of Walker Stalker Con and they will get to know many new people. We have been told, that great friendships have been made at other Walker Stalker Cons.
Volunteers do not only support us, but especially all attendees of Walker Stalker Con, so - YOU! They will be the first point of contact for all your questions and problems - no matter if it is at the Will Call area when picking up your wristband/convention pass, around the panel stage area, at the photo ops or at the autograph booths.
Volunteers will be wearing red Walker Stalker VOLUNTEER shirts so that you can spot them more easily.
Visitors with physical or mental disabilities will receive additional help by our Disability & Accessibility Service Team. The staff of this team will be wearing green Walker Stalker DISABILITY SERVICE TEAM shirts.
All volunteers will support us because they enjoy it and , like you, they want to witness a great weekend with new experiences. We therefore ask all attendees to follow the instructions of the volunteers and treat them exactly as you would like to be treated yourself: friendly and with respect.
At this point, we would like to thank all volunteers in advance for joining the convention with your time, joy and motivation.


Have you thought about your shoes for Walker Stalker Con Germany yet? No? Then here is some food for your thoughts: Your feet will appreciate comfortable shoes!
Be prepared to walk a lot over the weekend - yes, we really mean a lot of walking and standing. High heels are certainly not a good idea.

The Will Call is located outside our main entrance (Hall 19). WILL CALL opening times can be found here: https://walkerstalkercon.de/zeitplaene 

We have some specials for you in Hall 20. These are marked with Walker Stalker logo in the venue map.


A photo op is a professional and rapidly moving photo shoot! To ensure that everybody´s photo can be taken, please listen carefully for special instructions for each celebrity guest and to prompts given by the staff in the room.
Your photo op is not a meet & greet and not a signing session. It is not possible to hand gifts to the guest in the photo op room. If you have a gift for a guest, please hand this over at the respective guest booth.
Please prepare yourself for your photo op in advance! This helps the photographer as well as the guest. If you would like a specific pose, bring a photo of it - for example on your mobile phone - to your shoot to avoid delays in the photo op processes.
Glasses often glare or make it very difficult for the photographer to see if you blinked, so please try to remove them if possible. If you cannot remove them, please be sure to try and tilt the glasses down away from the lights.
Our photographers watch for blinks, however, sometimes they are missed. When you pick up your print and a blink is noticed, please let us know immediately to ensure the guest is still in the room and we will put you back in for a retake.
Please be respectful of the celebrity guests and other fans in line. Keep hands above the waist. There is absolutely no kissing the guests or asking to be kissed by them. Attempting to kiss a guest may result in the loss of your photo op without a refund.
Personal photo or video recordings are not allowed in the photo op room.
Have your photo op card out and ready before you enter the room, also remove all purses, jackets or items you do not want in the photo. You can place your belongings on a table provided inside the photo op room.
After your photo op: Simply follow the brightly colored tape stripe on the floor at the photo op room exit. It will lead you to the print pickup area where you print will be handed to you in about 45-60 seconds. Once you have your print, you do not need to proceed to any more lines at the print pickup area unless you have a photo op Add-on (additional print). Please take your add-on ticket to the print station attendant to have your add-on fulfilled.

All photo ops include a digital download. Download instructions will be given to you when you pick up your print out. Your download will be available approx. 30-45 minutes after your shooting.

Additional FAQ for photo ops can be found here: https://walkerstalkercon.de/index.php?view=content&id=28&language=en

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